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We are the most trusted Fish Meal Manufacturers in India who bring forth a wide range of premium quality products for animal feed. The offered products are highly admired.

Fishmeal is a nutrient-rich feed ingredient used primarily in diets for domestic animals (poultry, etc.), recently used for feeding ruminant animals and sometimes used as a high-quality organic fertilizer. Fish meal is one of the most important products in our export program. We are looking forward to providing you with the best quality fish meal made in India at best price.

We are the Fish Meal Manufacturers in India who bring forth a wide range of premium quality products for animal feed. The offered products are highly admired for their premium quality and elegant taste. Made from high-grade ingredients.

Fishmeal is a high-protein supplement made from the processing of fish or fish waste by either cooking, pressing, drying or grinding of fish they are processed at high temperatures and pressures to extract proteins. It has a high protein level, which is the main reason for its popularity in the production of animal food and aquaculture feed.

Fish meal is an excellent protein supplement and a source of vitamins, minerals, and unknown growth factors. Fish meals are added to the diet as high quality supplements to efficiently supply your fish or aquaculture animals with necessary protein, vitamins, minerals and “growth factors”. We guarantee a uniform grind and colour content per lot or shipment. All our products comply with the highest industry standards for quality.

Fish meal is perceived as an important protein supplement and a wellspring of nutrients, minerals and obscure development factors. Fish meals are added to the diets as top notch enhancements especially for aquatic feed, Fish feed and Poultry feed. We ensure a uniform work, variety, and protein content per parcel or shipment. Absolute attention to detail is taken to keep up with every one of the boundaries according to standard determinations. Fish meal is distinguished from other protein takes care of by the higher substance of effectively edible proteins, minerals, nutrients, and fundamental amino acids. All our products comply with the highest industry standards for quality

Because of the presence of a high protein content in fish, it has been liked for the benefit of other food stuffs. The fish dinner likewise confers proteins of high nutritive worth, as a result of the presence of 22 fundamental amino acids including the main amino corrosive Lysine which is seldom accessible in different feeds/food stuffs.

The fish meal eliminates the dampness which thus expands the concentration of proteins accessible for the growth. The meal is additionally plentiful in B-group Nutrient to be specific - Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, Niacin and Choline. The powdered fish meal is plentiful in minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus; Iodine and so on.

Fish meal contains other development advancing and protein use factors that are viewed as effectively edible for the poultry and aqua animals. The protein effectiveness proportion (PER) has been worked on a mission to find the growth in animals and farm developed animals Not at all like other vegetable proteins meals, fish meal contains extremely less fiber content which is valuable in getting the food easily digested and furthermore for the energy calculation.

Fishmeal Benefits:
  • High protein content: Provides essential amino acids for growth.
  • Rich Omega-3 Fatty Acids Enhance Immune Function
  • Nutrient Rich: This product contains essential vitamins (B12) and minerals (calcium and phosphorus).
  • Improved growth rates: Increases animal feed efficiency and growth.
  • Enhances the appetite of animals, particularly young ones.
  • Promotes Sustainability: Uses fish byproducts and reduces waste.
  • Immune system Support: Strengthens resistance to disease.
  • Environmental Benefits Reduces dependence on land-based sources of protein.
  • Quality Enhancement: Improves nutritional quality of animal product
Fishmeal: Uses and Benefits
  • Aquaculture: Key ingredient for fish and shrimp diets.
  • Poultry feed: Increases egg production and growth.
  • Pet Food: High-quality proteins and nutrients.
  • Livestock feed: Supplement to cattle and sheep for improved health and productivity.
Fish Meal Manufacturers in India
Fish Meal Powder 60-65% Protein, 50KG, HDPE Bag
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year
  • Moisture: 7%
  • Brand Name: Shireen Exports
  • Usage: Poultry Feed & Aqua Culture Feed
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Packaging Size: 50KG
Protien Min 68% Min 65% Min 62%
Fat Min 10% Min 10% Min 10%
FFA Min 10% Min 10% Min 10%
ASH Min 20% - 22% Min 20% Min 24%
Moisture Min 10% Min 10% Min 10%
Sodium Chloride Min 4 Min 4 Min 4