Unlock the Power of Refined Fish Oil


The EPA and DHA content of refined fish oil is exceptional. This fish oil is refined to a high concentration by meticulous processing. It is a versatile product used in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and edibles. Refined fish oil is highly sought after for its superior purity and quality, making it ideal for formulating products.

When it comes to choosing refined fish oil as a supplement, it is crucial to prioritize high-quality sources. Look for products that undergo rigorous refining processes, employing advanced techniques to eliminate contaminants and preserve purity. Shireen Exports, for instance, sources fish from sustainable and well-regulated fisheries. This ensures that not only the quality of the oil is maintained but also the environment is protected.

With its abundant omega-3 fatty acid content, refined fish oil becomes an invaluable addition to a healthy lifestyle. By selecting a reputable and high-quality source like Shireen Exports, you can unlock the full potential of refined fish oil and maximize its effectiveness. Embrace the power of this remarkable supplement and witness the positive impact it can have on your overall well-being.

Parameters Specifications
AV : 2% Max
F.F.A : 1% Max
Iodine Value Viscosity @ 30c : 140 - 160 Max
Fordcup3-4(IS 3944) : 25 - 30 sec
Viscosity @ 30c poise : 1.60 poise in sec
Specific gravity @ 30c : 0.983
Appearance : Lovi Bond (20 units)
Used in Aqua feed and Pharmacutical (EPA & DHA).